10 thoughts on “How Does Flavia Coffee Maker Work

  1. what is the strongest coffee for the Keurig coffee maker?
    I am buying one online and wanted to order the coffee that goes w/ it but I like it super strong.

    • Nothing compares to the freshness and flavor of a Single Serve Coffee. With the ability to choose your individual flavor and the convenience of having a full cup in seconds, many people are catching on to the wonderful world of single-serving coffee. But with so many different types of brewing options – Keurig K-Cups, Flavia Drinks, Coffee Pods, Tassimo T-DISCs, illy iperEspresso and more – figuring out which brewer to choose can be difficult. Take a look at some of the best single-serving coffee or espresso brewing methods and decide for yourself which one is the best.

  2. looking to buy a Pod Coffee maker system, any recommendations?
    Looking at the flavia fusion drink station or similar.

    • I’d check the price, selection, and availability of the drinks for it over the machine itself — the Braun Tassimo thing looks nice, but it’s a lot of money for some pretty boring drink options. The Flavia has more interesting stuff; I like the “creamy topping” option.

  3. Do you own a single cup coffee maker?
    What brand is it? Do you like it? Does it have those special packets filled with coffee or tea and are those hard to find?

    • I have the Flavia. i like it. Many good flavors to choose from (milky way latte). That’s what was important to me. I got it at Macy’s for pretty good price. It does have those special packets available there too

  4. Is there such a thing as a coffee maker that makes different kinds of coffee drinks?
    I am looking for something that I can make regular coffee with as well as espresso, latte’s etc. Does anyone own anything like this. Where could I find one?

    • Yes, try the Keurig or Flavia machines.

      Neither are cheap, but if doing different flavors is what you’re looking for, they both fit the bill.

      I’ve heard the Keurig does a REALLY exquisite coffee, but it’s really just different flavors of coffee; not necessarily different types (lattes, espressos, etc).

      I think what you’re looking for is the Flavia machine; it seems to do a better variety of different drinks and flavors.


  5. Coffee Machine System at Methodist Hospital in Medical Center Houston Texas?
    Has anyone been to the Methodist Hospital in The Medical Center in Houston Texas? They have a coffee/tea brewing system that has an in-home availability but I can’t remember the internet web address to order it. If anyone knows anyone there or has the web address I would love to get it.