4 thoughts on “How To Turn On Keurig Coffee Maker Auto Off Set

  1. How do I properly setup the auto off feature on my Keurig B-70 coffee maker?
    The start time is set for 6AM, stop time 12PM. I have the auto off set for 1 hour, I thought this would auto turn off the machine after 1 hour, when the machine has been manually turned on. But now the machine shuts off at 7AM. Is the auto off feature not supposed to be used if I have the start and stop time setup?

    • After setting the digital clock, the unit can be programmed to turn on at a pre-determined time, which avoids having to wait the four minutes for it to heat up; it can also be set to turn off automatically from one to nine hours later for energy-saving convenience..http://www.amazon.com/Keurig-B-70-Platinum-Single-Cup-Brewing/dp/B000GTR2F6..I think this will help you to set up the auto off feature on my Keurig B-70 coffee maker. Yes, the auto off feature not supposed to be used if you have the start and stop time setup because it will not function since you stop the time setup.

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  2. Did I wear out my Keurig coffee maker?
    OK, I have the mini Keurig coffee maker. I’ve probably had it for 3 years & has been working fine. It seems to have “died” on me just today. I didn’t do anything different. Put the mug underneath, pushed the big silver button on top to insert a K-cup & then closed that lid, the water reservoir lid then popped open & I filled it to the line. But, when I closed the lid, the blue light that you push to start the brewing didn’t come on. It made a little gurgling noise & then the whole unit powered off. Both my husband and I use the Keurig every day, for at least 1 cup for each of us. Could we have worn it out?

    I’ve been to the Keurig website, and didn’t find answers to my trouble with the machine. I really value people’s opinions and advice on Yahoo! Answers, so if anyone w/ experience or a similar situation could help me out, I’d appreciate it. Thanks!