28 thoughts on “Can You Use K Cups In Regular Coffee Maker

  1. Are there any Coffee Makers that Brew K-Cups/V-Cups and Regular Coffee?
    This might be a really stupid question, but I’m just wondering. By regular, I mean Folgers or something

  2. Are the Keurig coffee makers dependable?
    Ive read some bad reviews at bed bath and beyond. Leaking or not working after a year. How good are they? They do have the best variety of coffees and they have an attachment that lets you use regular coffee right? Think about buying one.

    • I highly recommend them- my mom got one for mother’s day about a year ago, and we’ve had absolutely no problems with it! It makes a really quick (like less than a minute), fresh-brewed cup of what ever hot drink you want! I don’t drink coffee but my mom says the kind she uses from their brand is really good. There are K Cups (the coffee inserts they sell) that come in a wide variety of coffee flavors, hot chocolate flavors (which are delicious!), and I think they also sell tea ones but we haven’t tried them yet. I think there is an attachment on the market where you can use your own brand of coffee, but we haven’t gotten that either so I’m not sure how well those work.

  3. Can I use k cups on my regular coffee maker?
    Jus wondering if I can use delicious k cups in my regular “old fashioned” coffee maker? Thank You!

    • yes you can use it but better don’t for your health. cause we don’t know the material inside

  4. Is the Keurig K Cup coffee maker a good deal?
    I recently tried a sample of these and though the idea of making individual hot drinks almost instantly was a great idea. Although, after looking at the price of the individually packaged K Cup pods I soon wondered if it was such a great deal. Has anyone had any experience with these machines? Are they a good deal?

    • My car dealer has one in the waiting room and I tried it once. It’s not as bad as many of the canned coffees (Folger’s/Maxwell House), but it’s not as good as fresh ground coffee.

      Even if the taste were as good, I wouldn’t buy it because it does cost more than regular coffee & it produces way too much waste. It’s like bottled water, you pay extra, create tons of trash, and don’t really get any benefit from it.

      If you’re looking for convenience & a great cup of coffee, you can always buy a small french press that is just enough for a single cup. The coffee will taste better, the press is cheaper than any “one cup” machine, it doesn’t take up any space (all you need is a way to boil water), and you can compost the grounds to produce zero trash.

      A french press can also be used to make tea & to froth milk, so it has even more value as a multi-purpose tool.

  5. can you put keurig cups in a regular coffee maker?
    i recently bought keurig cups (K-cups) thinking that i was able to put them in my personal 1-cup coffee maker. however, it says that it should be made with a keurig coffee maker. is it necessary?

    • No you can’t use K-cups in a regular coffee maker. They are specifically designed for the Keurig machines. If you’ve seen the K-cup, you notice that it’s a closed pod. There is a needle in the Keurig that punctures the cup, allowing it to be brewed. Regular coffee makers don’t have this needle, and the K-cup would just ‘take a bath’ in your coffee maker.

  6. Parents, do you have a Keurig or similar coffee maker and is it really that great?
    Everyone keeps telling me I should get one since I am the only person in my house who drinks coffee. I usually drink about 2 cups in the morning. I am wondering if they are as great as all the hype? Also I wonder how the cost compares to just brewing maxwell house.
    If you have one is it awesome/nonawesome and why?
    I require really strong coffee. If I can see my spoon in the cup, its too weak for me. SO I worry about it not being strong enough!

    • I don’t have one, but was contemplating getting one for a while. I, too, am the only one who drinks coffee in my house.

      I’m a coffee lover and the Keurig has a few drawbacks in my mind:
      It doesn’t SMELL like coffee. Sure, the cup you make does but the rest of the kitchen/house doesn’t have that smell. I LIKE that smell!

      It’s weaker than you think. The coffee itself, if you add any milk/cream, seems watered down. Not so good. I was told this is normal and to buy the extra-dark coffee. I have, and it is better…but still not the same. (I was also told to brew two k-cups for every one cup of coffee. That would get really expensive, really fast.)

      And lastly, the expense. I think it boils down to about $0.50 per cup (or per k-cup). I can make a month’s worth of coffee in my coffee pot for the price of one box of k-cups.

      If you have a regular coffee pot, you can make just one or two cups per day. And with the newer ones, you can program them to make the coffee at a certain time every day so you can have a fresh cup waiting for you when you get up (or whenever your desired time would be).

  7. Can i use the grounds in an unused k cup in a regular coffee maker?
    I have some k cups that my mom was given by friends or workers, but we DONT have a single cup brewer, and I really wanna try making some use of these k cups. So i wonder if I could remove the lid on the k cup and put it in a filter and use the grounds inside with my usual coffee maker. Granted I’d have to use less water probably, or combine it with another k cup, but still, i think i could do it, but i wonder if it’s DANGEROUS or something.

    • Put a filter over the cup of hot water. Pour the coffee into the center. Push down into the hot water but don’t let the filter edges get into the water. Pull out after about 1 1/2 minutes.

  8. Can I brew regular coffee with a Keurig machine?
    I am planning on buying a Keurig coffee maker but i heard I can brew regular ground coffee that you can get at a grocery store with that machine. Is that true, or can you only use the k-cups? Thanks!

    • Yeah! They make a thing called a “my k-cup”. You just put in your own coffee (or tea) and follow the instructions on how to use it.

  9. when I make folgers using My K-cup I only get half of what i normally would with any other coffee?
    when I make folgers using My K-cup I only get half of what i normally would with any other coffee? any solutions other than switch coffee? real answers please.
    If I put any other coffee in it i get a full cup, its only Folgers and dunkin doughnuts that gives me half that.

    • There’s no way around the K-cup size. My only suggestion is to go back to a regular coffee pot brewer or if you like the instant coffee makers, sell the Keurig and get a Tassimo instead. Tassimo t-discs make larger coffee’s.

  10. Can you use the k-cups from keurig brewers? Or is it strictly for a brewer?
    I bought a tea box with 18 cups but what I didnt notice was that they are used in the keurig brewers but the thing is that I dont have one so csn I used them in my regular coffee maker or by just using on the.microwave?

  11. Is there a way to improvise a k-cup filter for my Keurig?
    Has anyone been in a situation where they were out of k-cups and cannot find their eko brew and all they have is regular ground coffee? I know with a regular coffee maker you can improvise with a paper towel. Can you do the same with a Keurig?

    • All Keurig machines come with something you can put regular ground coffee in, so look around for it. You can also buy one.

      No, you can’t improvise anything. You will just make a mess.

      If you want to make yourself a cup of coffee, put a spoon of coffee in a paper towel and wrap it up tight, then put some boiling water over it in a cup. Let it sit for awhile and then take the paper towel with the coffee grounds out of the cup.

  12. Is it possible to use K-cups in a regular coffee maker?
    Can i purchase a cheap single cup coffee maker, cut the tops off of the K-Cups, pour it into the regular coffee maker, and it actually work? Seems like a good way to get around paying a crazy amount for a coffee maker i might use twice a week. Wondering if the K-Cups would be easy to break into.

    • Yes, you can just remove the foil top and pour the grounds into a filter but in the long run you are spending more money, k-cups are rather pricey.

      For the 12 count which is one serving, at my local grocery store it is regular price $8.99.

      For a whole bag (and green mountain, Nescafé, Folgers etc. make the bags also) you could probably have 3-4x more cups at the same price (sometimes cheaper).

  13. Can I put K-cup coffee grounds in a regular coffee machine?
    I got a few free sample K-Cups but don’t have a Keurig. Can I just open the cups up and put the grounds in a filter in a regular coffee maker as long as I don’t put much water in it? (since its only supposed to be 1 cup), or will the coffee get too weak with a normal filter?

  14. can i make keurig coffee in a regular coffee maker?
    someone gave me alot of keurig k-cups but i dont have the machine for it, can i just use it in my regular coffee maker?

    • In theory, the answer to your questions would be yes, but as someone else mentioned, it would involve cutting open the k-cups and using the grounds inside.

      To put this in some context, k-cups typically hold between 9 and 12 grams of coffee. The rule of thumb when making coffee is to use 7-8 grams of coffee for every 4 ounces of water. So, you would need 5 or 6 k-cups to harvest enough grounds for 4 eight-ounce cups of coffee.

      Without a k-cup brewer, there’s no other way to make a cup of coffee with the k-cups you were given. Hope this helps!