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  1. How to make coffee? [More info inside]?
    Okay, I’m 10 and my moms birthday is today. (Its 1:00 in the morning here.)
    I have a drip coffee maker its a Gevalia. Exactly like this one. –>http://www.1seenontvstore.com/images/products/gevalia-free.jpg
    And I just want to know how the hell to make coffee step-by-step. If your nice enough, you won’t copy and paste it off of Google to get 10 points because I simply won’t pick you and you give me the instructions you know with your noggin.

    • You pour water into the reservoir, put a coffee filter in the brewing basket, and put coffee in the filter, then press the start button. When I’m making coffee, I put half the coffee for each cup, i.e. 2 tablespoons for 4 cups, 3 tablespoons for 6 cups.

  2. Why should I not make less than 4 cups of coffee at a time in a 12-cup coffee maker?
    I recently got a Gevalia 12-cup coffee maker. The instructions recommend not making less than 4 cups at a time. Why is that? Is it really going to matter if I make less? I got it primarily for personal single use, so I won’t often need that much coffee at once.

    • i use baking soda and lemon juice,mix into a paste(it will bubble up)
      after fizzing up I just use as little elbow work. I use this method on my french press Stainless steel coffee pot(inside only)

      If I need to I will put some really hot water and vinegar and let sit overnight.

      CLR and others like lime away
      Note: Q. Can I use LIME-A-WAY to remove hard water stains on dishes, kettle and other kitchen appliances?
      A. LIME-A-WAY is not recommended for use on any food contact surfaces or appliances. Use Dip It Automatic Drip Coffeemaker Cleaner to remove hard water stains in your coffeemaker and Finish-Jetdry Dishwasher Cleaner to remove limescale deposits in your dishwasher.

      CLRHow do I use CLR to clean my coffee maker?
      Mix one part (quarter of a cup) CLR to eight parts (2 cups) water. For single cup coffeemakers, use only one capful of CLR. Run through coffee maker as if making coffee. Rinse thoroughly by running two full pots of clean water through a complete cycle. Instructions are for a regular 8-12 cup coffee maker. *Do not use CLR in coffee makers that hold water permanently. *CLR is not recommended for Gevalia coffee makers. *Do not use CLR in espresso machines.

      How do I use CLR to clean coffee pots, pans or tea kettles?
      Pour enough CLR to cover bottom. Swish around in pot or pan. Add one cup of hot water, allow mixture to soak for two minutes and thoroughly rinse with cold, clean water.


      Diluted vinegar–about a tablespoon to a cup of hot water–gives stainless steel a shine. Simply wipe on with a soft cloth or sponge, then dry.

      Pour about half a cup of distilled white vinegar into the kettle, fill with water. Heat, and when the water boils take off the heat, or unplug and let sit for an hour.

      Fill the kettle with half vinegar and half water and heat if the lime deposits remain after rinsing out the kettle. After the water boils, remove from the heat, or unplug. Let the solution sit overnight.

      Once the lime deposits are removed, rinse the kettle with cold water several times until there is no vinegar odor
      You can also substitute lemon juice or ascorbic acid for the vinegar to remove lime deposit from your tea kettle
      Read more: How to Clean a Stainless Steel Tea Kettle | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_5144030_clean-stainless-steel-tea-kettle.html#ixzz1WoWasUyO

  3. “How much coffee do you measure out for a 12-cup coffee maker?”?
    I havn’t made a pot of coffee in about 15 years. I forgot how to measure it out…and of course the instructions for this important item was not included w/my new Gevalia coffee maker.

    • Generally it’s 1 teaspoon per cup or one of those little plastic ones that come with your pot. Taste and strenght will vary from one blend to another but if you are not too particular about your coffee this will work.

  4. ……………Brewing Coffee??!!!?
    I just got a Gevalia coffee maker with some Gevalia coffee, but there are no specific instructions on how much ground coffee to put in (per cup of water). Does anyone know what the coffee-water ratio is for making coffee in general?

    • 1. Start by filling the water container attached to the coffee machine with cold water, the amount depends on the number of cups of coffee that you want.

      2. The coffee filter has been put in its designated place and is now filled with coffee.
      The amount depends on the amount of water, that you have put in the water container.
      Rule of thumb is: you add 2 tablespoons of coffee per cup and at the end add one for the coffee maker.

      This is a case of learning by doing, so you will vary the amount of coffee depending on your preference.

      Use 10 tbsp per 4 cups of water.

      Don’t try to speed the whole process by putting hot water into the coffee maker.

      This will ruin the coffee flavour as the coffee maker will use water at a temperature just below boiling point. You might possibly damage the coffee maker.

      3. Now turn the coffee maker on , and let it do its job.

      4. When all the water has gone from the water container, make sure that there is no more water dripping on the coffee grounds. Then you can now pour the coffee into the cups.

      5. Most coffee makers have a hotplate that the carafe sits on.

      Don’t keep the hotplate on for more than half an hour, after this the coffee will become bitter.

      To keep the coffee warm for longer it is advisable to use a thermos flask

  5. Hot water and thermal coffee makers?
    I used to have a Gevalia thermal coffee maker and it died. Started leaking water all over the counter while brewing. I decided to get a new one bought a DeLonghi thermal coffee maker. I am so far please with how it works except the coffee doesn’t get hot enough. I read the instruction booklet and didn’t see anything restricting using hot water to brew instead of cold water. Would it do any damage to use hot water? Would my coffee get hotter?
    I tried rinsing the carafe with hot water and it helped a little. I don’t want to send it back for fear any other maker would be the same. I just want great tasting HOT coffee…Any other suggestions?

    • Never use hot water for auto machines. It spent too much time in the home water heater picking up rust, lime, and other minerals that will build up in your machine.

      Many coffee makers don’t get hot enough. If that’s the problem, you may need to replace it.

      If your problem is that it looses heat after brewing, you can preheat your thermal carafe by filling it with hot water for a few minutes before brewing. When hot hits cold, it cools instantly; heating the carafe will keep your coffee hot longer. This is also good for a Thermos.

    • Gevalia has been offering a free coffee maker promotion for many years, and the models have changed over time. Most recently, the model is the CM-500 Stainless Steel 12-Cup coffee maker. Well, it has more plastic than stainless steel, but that’s what they call it.

      I’m assuming you have the CM-500?

      Usually, you should be able to find a copy of the user manual or instructions on-line. I spent a few minutes searching but didn’t come up with anything.

      Your best bet is to contact Gevalia. They usually provide good customer service and can probably help you get a user manual.


      Hope that helps (a little).


  6. ……………Brewing Coffee??!!!?
    I just got a Gevalia coffee maker with some Gevalia coffee, but there are no specific instructions on how much ground coffee to put in (per cup of water). Does anyone know what the coffee-water ratio is for making coffee in general?