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  1. Walmart consumable item return policy?
    Hi, does anyone know what their return policy on consumable items are? I can’t seem to find any info on it. Specifically, I bought a Keurig coffee maker which came with an 18-pack variety pack of K-Cups. I used about 6 of them and they said that I can’t return it. I told them that I bought another one somewhere else where it was on sale, but they said that since I used the K-Cups, I can’t return it.

    Can someone please help?
    Yeah, I can see that it looks like I’m trying to scam them, but the truth is that I used 6 of them and planned on keeping it, but saw that Amazon had it on sale, so I bought the one from Amazon thinking that I can just return the one I bought from Walmart.

    • Try again when there is someone else at the returns counter, or try a different store. Just state that you (or your spouse) are not happy with it and you would simply like a refund. Keep it friendly and don’t mention your other purchase.


  2. Flavor strength of keurig b60?
    I recently bought a keurig special edition brewer. I’ve always drank plain coffee and then added my own flavored creams so I don’t know a whole lot about flavored coffee to begin with. Nor have I ver had coffee from a keurig. I figured I could buy the flavored k cups and eliminate the cost of buying the creamers and have the fun of the flavors and the convenience. However, it seems as if the machine is not brewing properly. I end up with what seems like a regular cup of coffee that is even watered down with no discernible added flavor. Is flavored coffee supposed to just a hint of flavor or actual bold flavor like you would get at Starbucks? I’ve tried the Khalua flavor, green mountain caramel vanilla cream, and cappuccino.

    • You have to kind of get used to Keurig, I know I did. Keurig is good for people who really won’t drink a whole pot of brewed coffee, and realize that brewing (even a small pot of 3~4 cups worth) is a waste because it sits there burning all day..

      Keurig works for the people who want a cup of coffee that second, freshly brewed. I found buying the K~cups at grocery stores is the least expensive (huge variety and they always have a few on sale). You can buy Starbucks Keurig K~cups, btw..and it IS as strong as a regular Pikes Point or Breakfast brewed coffee.

      I found K~cups packaged as “ice coffee” = they’re supposed to be brewed over ice. Those K~cups have more coffee in them and are always stronger than the traditional K~cups, that are meant to be 12oz. You don’t have to brew over ice, so you will have a stronger, hot cup of coffee.

      As far as wanting the taste of what flavored creamers or non~dairy creamers can do.. your best bet is to buy the non~dairy, powdered creamers in the Vanilla, Mocha, Hazelnut (etc.) flavors you like, buying the bold K~cup coffees, and simply adding the creamers to the freshly brewed coffee..since even when you find the K~cup cofffee(s) you love..they’ll still be jet~black and need a little ‘help’ by way of creamers. I have never been a black coffee drinker and it really requires a creamer of some kind, but that’s just me. It’s just easier and tastes better that way. The flavored K~cups (I bought the Nantucket blend Vanilla) was so strong it tasted like an actual coffee drink with liquere. (I wasn’t crazy about but some people really like).

      Here’s the best thing to do:
      Phone Keurig’s Customer Service product support call center in the morning and first of all trouble~shoot your Keurig brewer. They are very good about taking brewer issues seriously and will find a solution, or send you a new brewer. Any issue (like if it’s not hot enough, or brewing weak coffee, etc). They helped a couple of times and even researched the issue and phoned me back right away. They’re pretty efficient.

      Secondly, let them know you aren’t happy with the K~cups you bought so far, due to their seeming weak. Ask them WHiCH K~cups are the BOLDEST ones. I have personally found Green Mountain Bold, Kona Bold, Nantucket Bold has been the best. Strong, tasty, non~bitter, and really good. Like I said above (^) if you run into the ‘ice coffee’ versions of any, BUY IT. They’re stronger and better. I bought Starbucks K~cups in the Breakfast Blend as well as Pikes SB coffees about a week ago. On sale at Ralph’s for $6.99. Sometimes they have K~cups for $5.00 for a pack. Trader Jo’s, Gelsons, Luckys, (A&P, Kroger, WalMart etc., all carry them).

      Phone Kuerig and tell them your issues and they will help. I’ve phoned a few times and they have been of great assistance.

      Keurig Customer Service
      (866) 901~2739

  3. What is the best place to buy keurig k-cups online?
    Now that 1quickcup.com is no longer, what is the best/cheapest place to buy keurig k-cups online?
    I am aware you can buy them at retail stores, however a website offers the versatility of combinations for ordering K-cups instead of boxes of 18 when I merely want to try the flavor.
    Ebay.com so far is my best bet… Just looking for a retailer that can beat the mark ups on ebay auctions.

    • You do know that walmart is selling k cups. why buy on line when they are just as cheap off line? Sometimes bed bath and beyond has k-cups on sale for 9.99 for an 18 count. I know that Kroger carries k-cups for 7.99 for a 12 count. We use k-cups. If you want to trykeurig site you could get a catalog to order your blend.
      try making your own kcup . k-cup insert and getting your own blend of whatever you want to drink. I use different teas in an k-cup insert. I love it. I bought it at bed, bath and beyond. for 14.99.

      good Luck

  4. What to register for registry?
    I’m getting married in March and my wedding shower is in February. My fiance and I will be buying a house right before we get married, so we will have pretty much nothing besides furniture. I’m trying to register us for some things but I’m drawing up blank.

    What are smart things to register for?
    What should we NOT register for?