6 thoughts on “Keurig Coffee Maker Problems Leaking

  1. Keurig Coffee maker leaking?
    Hey, every time I brew coffee in Keurig, the coffee spurts out all over the place. Some does get in the cup, but drops and streams fly everywhere. I do not use the flavored coffee cups- instead I use regular coffee and bought the attachment so you do not have to buy them (they are wayy expensive). I tried to cut out a washer/circle out of rubber to put inside the attachment above the coffee (to prevent water leakage) but it still does not work. I read the manual and everything, but nothing works. Does anyone else have this problem? I have the Elite-K model.

    • Sometimes it can be like that, because of an ill-fitting rubber cover. Many similar products that may be cheaper to buy but you will be pleased to wear.

  2. problem with my keurig coffee maker?
    my mini plus keurig leaks water when its getting ready to brew. this happens no matter how much water i put in. when the water heats up this water leaks out in to my cup and it is not mixed with coffee, its cold and nasty. all the needles are clear and the k cup holder is in place right, what could it be?

    • Almost sounds like the top needle isn’t getting a good seal with the cartridge and the water is bypassing the coffee cartridge. Our Keurig is about 2 months old and I noticed a lot of coffee ground dust around the top of the housing where the upper needle is.

      Maybe try cleaning this with something like a Q-tip and it will seal better.

      There’s also a rubber gasket associated with the top needle that helps it seal. I understand these can come off and get lost. You may check to see if its still there. Otherwise it sounds like the unit is defective.

      There’s a lot of info also at http://www.fixya.com on the Keurig that may be helpful.

  3. Are the Keurig coffee makers dependable?
    Ive read some bad reviews at bed bath and beyond. Leaking or not working after a year. How good are they? They do have the best variety of coffees and they have an attachment that lets you use regular coffee right? Think about buying one.

    • I highly recommend them- my mom got one for mother’s day about a year ago, and we’ve had absolutely no problems with it! It makes a really quick (like less than a minute), fresh-brewed cup of what ever hot drink you want! I don’t drink coffee but my mom says the kind she uses from their brand is really good. There are K Cups (the coffee inserts they sell) that come in a wide variety of coffee flavors, hot chocolate flavors (which are delicious!), and I think they also sell tea ones but we haven’t tried them yet. I think there is an attachment on the market where you can use your own brand of coffee, but we haven’t gotten that either so I’m not sure how well those work.